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All I Want For Christmas Is Avatar

At the screening of “A Christmas Carol” last night, I went in with no real excitement being that I knew what was going to happen in that movie. But then the previews rolled and this came on.

If you’ve been following this “Avatar” madness, you already know the hype that has been built up. “It’s James Cameron! He’s been working for 900 years on this film! He created cutting edge film technology to make this movie! BLAAAAH!!!” (yes, that’s the exact conversation that you had with someone). Ever since the panel at comic con, I’ve been extremely interested in this project mainly because it’s been shrouded in mystery and they keep teasing us with the footage that is so vibrant and fantastical. So far the footage has been cool, which I’m sure you can agree if you attended one of the Avatar previews but as we’ve seen from Transformers 2… special effects  doesn’t mean anything without a story. This is what critics have been getting at ever since the first trailer hit the web… it even spawned a video of Hitler bashing “Avatar” (which if you haven’t seen, you must!)

Last night when I watched the recently released full length trailer in 3D, I finally let myself buy into the hype… ZOMG!  This is going to be bad ass. James Cameron, please bring Christmas early this year… December 18, 2009 :)

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