It’s About Relationships

Being a movie blog I always strive to make sure my posts are inline with this theme and while this post is sort of related to film, theaters, and the movie going experience, it’s mainly about relationships . . . relationships and people.

As studio representative/s who screen movies in advance of their release, we deal with a wide range and variety of people. From the people and the studios that make the decisions on which films are screened in advance, to theater personnel, to different media partners, to fans and guests watching the movies, I’d like to think that we have a very good relationship with everyone we work with–at least we do our best to. This fact wasn’t lost on me, but it was made apparent to me within the past week or so as we’ve had an usually busy September.

What exactly am I referring to? It’s actually a lot of different things from different groups of people. It definitely includes having great communication and dialogue with people. Being able to communicate openly and clearly definitely helps with screening movies. It also involves a certain level of comfort and familiarity with the people you work with. What it all comes down to in the end though is that when you have great relationships with people, it not only makes our job easier, but it also makes it a lot more fun and definitely less stressful.

I guess what I’m getting at is that though it’s something that we never expected, we’re definitely thankful for working with and encountering a number of great people.

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