[Photos] Random Movie Stuff

So, just got a bunch of different movie swag that I thought I would post. Nothing really related to anything, but it might be worth a look to check out as well as to see what the studios sink their marketing money into. The first bunch of photos are actually movie marketing items while the last section are some goodies I got via social media.

Source Code Prize Pack

So at the end of last month we gave away several prize packs in conjunction with the release of Source Code. This is the bag of goodies we gave away.

Two Source Code shirts were included in the prize pack. A large design graced the front of the shirt and a smaller release date & QR code design was on the back.

Close up of the front of the Source Code shirt.

Close up of the design on the back of the Source Code shirt.

Also included with the prize pack were Source Code luggage tags.

The Source Code hat also followed the similar design of the t-shirts with the title of the film on the front and the QR code on the back.

Hanna & Soul Surfer Promo Items

Shirt promoting the film Hanna with tagline of the film front and center.

Close up of the design showing the repetition of the title which forms the overall design.

Dont know how they figured this was a good promo item, but they also made Hanna glasses towels.

And here it is cleaning my glasses.

Since Bethany Hamilton is sponsored by Rip Curl, this promo shirt was made by them and is actually very good quality. Most times promo shirts are made with cheap material since theyre made as cheaply as possible and are meant to be given away for free. Not this shirt.

GetGlue Stickers

I don’t exactly remember when I discovered GetGlue, but I do know that I actively started using it last fall at the beginning of the television season. It’s basically a check-in service for movies, tv, books, music, video games, and more. What I like about it (which also happens to be what separates it from its compeditors) is that you get real world rewards for the rewards that you get virtually. Usually with any type of check-in service, you receive stamps, pins, medals, badges, titles, etc for reaching certain achievements in the system. With GetGlue, depending how often you check in or depending on what you check into, you receive digital stickers for certain check ins:

While the digital stickers are cool looking and all, what’s great is that you can actually request to receive the stickers you’ve earned! Though there are a few catches, it’s still a pretty sweet deal. So far I’ve requested stickers three times and here’s the bounty that’s I’ve gotten from GetGlue . . .

Believe it or not this is the first "batch" of stickers I got. So one of the conditions of requesting stickers is that they only send you what they have in stock. Guess they didnt have too much in stock when I requested this back in October.

The second set I received had the maximum 20 stamps in it with various stickers I had earned. Needless to say I was much happier receiving my second order of stickers than my first. Another condition of ordering stickers is that you have to wait 30 days till you can request an order again.

Heres a closer shot of the movie stickers that I received in my second set. Got these for checking in to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Tron Legacy, and for purchasing Avatar on blu-ray.

For the third and most recent request that I received, GetGlue changed the printing format for their stickers. I assume this new format is cheaper and more efficient for them to send out stickers with as theres no die-cutting (making individual stickers) involved so this method probably saves cost.

Needless to say you can kind of tell what shows Im into with the preponderance of Fringe, Glee, and movie stickers in these last two orders.

Well, that’s about it for the movie goodies. If I ever get a big convergence or some really interesting movie items, I’ll be sure to post them here.

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