Sing-A-Long Sound of Music

I’m generally not a musical guy. It’s not so much that I find it somewhat awkward and unbelievable that someone would break out into song during normal conversation, but rather why sing when you can speak plainly? However, as I’ve come to understand from Glee (a show which I’m a fan of), sometimes it’s easier to sing your feelings rather than speak them.

It’s under this setup that I want to spread the word about the Hawaii Theatre’s Sing-A-Long Sound of Music this coming weekend, July 15-17. Just what exactly is a “sing-a-long”? Well, it’s a film where the words to the songs are projected on the screen so that the audience can “sing along” with the film. And how can you beat singing a long with some of these classics from the Sound of Music: My Favorite Things, Do-Re-Mi, and The Sound of Music.

While that in and of itself might not seem like anything too special, the Sing-A-Long Sound of Music will make each night’s showing into an event. The Alamo Drafthouse has a regular “Sing-A-Long” program, and if it’s anything like those, this one should be fun as well. Check out some of the extras that attendees can look forward to:

  • Complimentary ‘Magic Moments Packs’ which contain various props to be used at strategic points throughout the film
  • Audience interaction at key points during the film:
    • Booing the Nazis
    • Hissing the Baroness
    • Barking at Rolf
    • Sighing for Gretl
    • And, of course, cheering for Julie!
  • Fancy dress competition in which everyone who has come in costume is invited onto the Hawaii Theatre stage to show off his or her fantastic tailoring skills.

So yeah, while I’m not a musical guy, Sound of Music is a classic that everyone should see at some point or another–especially when you have a great opportunity to view it in such an immersive experience with people who love the film.

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