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Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Turn around….

Every now and then I get a little bit nervous about big pop culture phenomena that creates masses of crazy fans. In my tween years it was boy bands, but of course these days it’s vampires and werewolves and wizards. Today movie theaters around the country are losing their minds trying to deal with females of every age who are dying to see the 3rd installment of The Twilight Saga. I haven’t  had the privilage to see Twilight Eclipse yet (8pm tonight I will have the honor; it is my favorite book in the series and the guy who directed 30 Days of Night is attached to this installment so I have my fingers crossed), but let’s talk about what I have seen… The latest Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer via Film School Rejects which is supposed to be attached to today’s release of Twilight.

I was stunned into silence by this trailer. David Yates and Warner Brothers are sending Harry Potter out with a huge bang and you can feel how enormously epic this ending is in just these brief two and a half minutes. To be completely honest with you, the release of this trailer on MSN before Twilight’s opening has reshuffled my excitement. My immediate thoughts following the trailer was “screw Eclipse, I want Deathly Hallows”  which can only make me wonder how many other Twilight moviegoers may feel the same? Obviously the Twihards won’t care, but what about the rest of us? Could this trailer outshine Twilight Eclipse? Ok maybe I’m getting too excited. Honestly the Twilight fandom is so intense and rabid, I doubt this would be the case nationwide… But for some people (boyfriends and husbands being dragged to see Twilight), it may just be the highlight of the evening… along with Taylor Lautner being shirtless… yummy.

Whatever team or franchise you support its a great day for all. New epic film and new epic trailer… another great day at the movies.


Blood Lust | Twilight New Moon

If you feel like females across the country have gone bananas its probably because Twilight part deux (New Moon) is hitting theaters this Friday at midnight. But I’m sure you know this already with every media outlet talking about it. I swear, I turn the channel and there’s an interview with Kristen Stewart, I turn on the radio and hear promos giving away tickets to midnight screenings, I open the newspaper and there’s a story about a lady that has changed her life for Twilight… it’s happening all over the world right now and its a little overwhelming.

Let’s talk facts from a female who LOVED the Twilight book series. I’ve read the series more than once (yeah yeah… OMG… I suck, whatever) and I got two of my closest friends sucked into the books in the summer of 2008 and yes, we all fell for Edward Cullen. For the record, we all thought Robert Pattinson was hott when he was Cedric Diggory and also back when he used to wash his hair. Just putting that out there.

My friends and I were naturally excited for November 21, 2008 when the motion picture of the book we so loved would be released, but when we finally went to see it, it was extremely disappointing.

Everyone and thing was florescent white (as you can see above), Kristen Stewart’s acting was terrible, they RUINED one of the most important scenes in the entire series (the Meadow Scene… so critical. I can’t talk about it. It makes me mad.), and the kids at school that interact with Bella were HORRIBLE actors. I was sure the whole fan base would be outraged… you know like how hard core comic book fans are very protective of how their favorite heroes are portrayed on the silver screen. That’s definitely how the fan base would react to such crap right? Wrong. They thought it was the best thing since ice cream… and that was when I began my love hate relationship with Twilight. I wanted a reboot! It was supposed to be so much better than that and the fans settled… I was pissed.

In December 2008, Summit Entertainment announced that  Twilight director Catherine Hardwick would not be directing the next film in the series and that Chris Weitz (Director: The Golden Compass) would be taking the reins, I became semi-interested again. What did I know about Chris Weitz? Not much, but at least a new director would bring something new to the table and hopefully, make the films a worthy interpretation of the books.

At comic con 2009 as I sat loathing Twi-hards in Hall H (especially the ones sitting next to me asking silly questions to each other like “Do you think Rob would date me?” or “Do you think Taylor will like my shirt?”), I watched the latest footage from Twilight New Moon and sighed. Chris Weitz… he sucked me back in to the Twilight universe. Crap.

The footage I’ve seen so far has been vibrant, there’s more special effects, and from the trailer, you can tell that he’s worked to keep the most critical scenes in this film. Let me also say that the story in Twilight New Moon is fantastic. The characters in the first book evolve in this story, while new bad guys are brought in (The Volturi scene looks really good) and you’ll finally find out how Vampires and Werewolves are intertwined in this series. Speaking of werewolves, can we address the fact that they are amazingly good looking… Taylor Lautner…. He’s so jail bait but damn… what a fox… I mean wolf.

SIDE NOTE: Ladies be prepared, there’s a lot of skin in this film. I recommend not letting your tween daughter go and see the movie 😉 But seriously, if you are a Twi-Hard (I hate you and get a life… hahaha, I’m just kidding… but seriously), as a courtesy to other movie attendees, please do not scream during the movie… remember that other Twi-Hards are in the theater and if they can’t enjoy the film, they may hurt you. Thank you.

Getting back to the facts, I know for sure that this movie is going to be better than the first, but how much better? I can’t say. I like what I’ve seen so far, but what I’ve learned from last year is not to get overly excited. For those of you going to midnight showings, please take pictures and send them to us at I’ve heard that people are planning on covering themselves in glitter, which would be hilarious to see. Also, if you had any annoying theater moments, I wanna hear about it.

As for me, I’m going to wait for the mayhem to die down a little… I value my movie going experience and Twi-hards screaming and giggling through the movie will ruin it for me. Maybe I’ll go see it on Monday at like 2:30 in the afternoon 🙂


All I Want For Christmas Is Avatar

At the screening of “A Christmas Carol” last night, I went in with no real excitement being that I knew what was going to happen in that movie. But then the previews rolled and this came on.

If you’ve been following this “Avatar” madness, you already know the hype that has been built up. “It’s James Cameron! He’s been working for 900 years on this film! He created cutting edge film technology to make this movie! BLAAAAH!!!” (yes, that’s the exact conversation that you had with someone). Ever since the panel at comic con, I’ve been extremely interested in this project mainly because it’s been shrouded in mystery and they keep teasing us with the footage that is so vibrant and fantastical. So far the footage has been cool, which I’m sure you can agree if you attended one of the Avatar previews but as we’ve seen from Transformers 2… special effects  doesn’t mean anything without a story. This is what critics have been getting at ever since the first trailer hit the web… it even spawned a video of Hitler bashing “Avatar” (which if you haven’t seen, you must!)

Last night when I watched the recently released full length trailer in 3D, I finally let myself buy into the hype… ZOMG!  This is going to be bad ass. James Cameron, please bring Christmas early this year… December 18, 2009 🙂


(23) Movies of Summer

As of Tuesday, Summer is officially over. Though most movie critics and bloggers have already done their summer 2009 movie recap, I decided I wanted to wait. I wanted to cherish the movie blitz we get from May – August and savor the tastes… both sweet and sour. But now… it is time.

May 2009 | Star Trek

In total, I have seen 23 movies in theater this summer (May 2009-August 2009)… some for work, more for pleasure and is it just me or was this summer like March Madness… you knew which films were favored going into the dance but there were a lot of underdogs that upset the favorites. After 15 min of looking at my list of summer movies, I was able to pick 5 that made this summer worth living for… Here are my top 5:

I’m a girl and I’ve never been a fan of Star Trek… I don’t have a really good reason why… I thought it was boring when we used to watch it on TV (but this was also when I was a little girl playing dress up and sneaking lipstick out of my Moms make-up box). So when they announced that JJ Abrams was doing a Star Trek movie, I just went – “meh”. Opening weekend was a smash and everyone had nothing but great things to say about the film… I still remained “meh”. But finally, I couldn’t avoid it any longer as my fellow Red Band Project blogger convinced me that I needed to see it…so I went… and I lost my socks. I was rocked so hard and sucked in so badly to this movie. It had action, comedy, and a story that really hit home for me(I’m a sucker for time travel). As a n00b to the Star Trek world, I didn’t get any of the lingo but I didn’t leave the theater feeling excluded from the story, which I thought was amazing. It felt like I didn’t miss anything and that this was just the beginning  of my love for Star Trek.

May 2009 | Up

May 2009 | Up

Disney and Pixar… oops you did  it again. Up was such a great film that took me on a roller coaster of emotions… it was the first time that I cried in a movie because I was sad and happy. At first I thought the story was too heavy, but at the very end when everything came full circle, I realized the perfection of the movie. Just thinking about it makes me all fuzzy inside in a sad but happy way. Amazing.

June 2009 | The Proposal

June 2009 | The Proposal

I’m going to be totally honest… I thought The Proposal was going to suck so badly. I had to see it for work (4 times mind you) and I remember the first time I sat through it I went home with a smile on my face.  I was shocked by how well Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock clicked. They were so funny and awkward at the right moments… it felt like real life. I thought Sandra Bullock was going to be too old for this role, but obviously she still got it… I mean, did you see her bod? She gave Ryan Reynold’s a run for his money. I loved it.

August 2009 | District 9

The teasers for District 9 that came out early in the summer did not excite me. I thought it was going to be another stupid sci-fi movie… nothing special. But then I went to Comic Con and Peter Jackson made me a believer. What I loved the most about this film was the evolution of the main character, Wikus. Sharlto Copley was so believable  that I felt like the film could’ve been real life… it really felt like a true documentary. Ok and I will say the same thing that everyone else said, the special effects were awesome. I especially liked the way that people disintegrated when they were shot by alien weapons… very impressive.

July 2009 | (500) Days of Summer

I saved the best for last…. I cannot put into words how much I loved (500) Days of Summer. It was so witty and funny and aggravating at the same time. Can I just say that I looooove Joseph Gordon Levitt (not in G.I. Joe…no.) and have loved him since 10 Things I Hate About You….  I just needed to put that out there.  My favorite scene from this film was the dancing in the street to Hall & Oates “You Make My Dreams Come True”…. *sigh* it was the highlight of my summer of movies. I think this movie was the first enjoyable Chick Flick from the guys perspective. Usually the girl is always the one getting screwed, but it was really refreshing to see it flip-flopped. This was my absolute favorite for the summer and potentially the year.

That’s my 5 favorites… I would write about the movies I hated this summer but it’s not even worth it. You all know which ones sucked… (Dance Flick, Year One, Wolverine… I could go on) and I think we should go into Autumn with only happy thoughts. So instead tell me which films were your favorite. I’ll be checking in.


The sky is falling!!


Though it was predicted that the world would end in 2012, no one… not even Nostradamus predicted 2009 would end the Marvel Universe. Yes… the awesomeness known as Marvel will now be owned by the magical world of Disney. The interwebz are a blaze with fury as die hard Marvel fans fear Tony Stark will start dancing with Mickey Mouse in Fantasia 2012 and Captain America’s theme song will be  “Hoedown Throw-down”. All that we love is now lost…

Wait… isn’t that a bit dramatic?

I will admit… I literally yelled “what?!” when I heard the news in my car. It is shocking because Disney and Marvel are like oil and water. They don’t mix! I love Disney… we all grew up on the classic animation films and fell in love with the characters, but whenever you hear “Disney” you think kids and family. When you hear “Marvel” you think of bad ass mutants, suits of armor that fly and have awesome weapons, or that really big green guy that you don’t make angry. Kids may like Marvel too, but the kids who grew up on Marvel and are adults now can still love it and its not lame.  Think about it…If a 30 year old guy came up to you wearing a t-shirt with Bambi on it, you would be a little embarrassed for him or think he’s a hipster. But, if a 30 year old guy came up  to you wearing a Stark Industries shirt, it would seem pretty normal. So riddle me this… how do you make Marvel & Disney fit into the same mind set? How do you over come the divide and make the pieces fit?

The one thing you have to give Disney is that they are really really good at giving you the full experience with the characters/brands they put out and I think this can only enhance the Marvel Universe, so long as they stay true to Marvel’s origins. As we’ve seen with Disney franchises, they hit you from every angle to encourage interaction with their different characters. Let’s also not forget that they have what seems like unlimited resources and they own practically every form of media! Studio lots, theme parks in three countries, ABC-TV, Disney Channel, Radio Disney… the list goes on and on (they even have a restaurant division dedicated to their brand). Marvel will now have the funding and resources to bring their comic book characters to life with Disney assisting in the overall Marvel brand experience. However, the question still remains, can Disney maintain the swagger of the Marvel brand & its characters or will it evolve Marvel into some old bullshit like Spiderman 3?

There are still a variety of things sketchy about this merger but I don’t think its Armageddon just yet. All we can do is hope for the best. I’ll put my hopes out into the universe: I hope that Disney allows the creative team at Marvel to be true to itself and not micromanage their creativity. I hope The Avengers still happens and when it does, I hope that I still want to see it. I’m hoping they put together a Marvel-Land with awesome rides & experiences (imagine… you get to voice over scenes from Iron Man). I wouldn’t mind seeing a Marvel/Pixar movie like most people on the web have voiced. And finally, I hope that Marvel can put out a film under Disney that’s as powerful as The Dark Knight (I know it’s DC but, really… that movie brought us all to our knees and I think all comic franchises should want to create something that amazing… I digress).

So with that, Disney & Marvel, please stay true to the fans and please don’t let us down.


Do You Believe In Magic?


Excitement is in the air as Harry Potter fans storm theaters around the country to see the 6th installment of Harry Potter better known as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (I shall refer to it as HP6).  Last night midnight screenings across the US grossed $22 million, which is astounding considering fans were seriously thinking about protesting the film due to Warner Brothers’ decision to push back the release from November 2008 to 2009. I was fortunate enough to attend the advance screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but figured I’d wait until the release date to post something. I thought it would be cruel to write about the movie, get everyone excited, and still they would have to wait… so now that everyone can see it here we go…

I am a Harry Potter movie and book fan, that read Half Blood Prince in the fall of 2007 immediately after reading Order of the Phoenix. I couldn’t stand how emo Order of the Phoenix was. If you’ve seen the movie you know that it was a heavy story (if not go here to catch up)… I remember leaving the theaters feeling incomplete and depressed. I missed the magic. I wanted Harry to finally catch a break. I felt like all hope was lost…On Monday night at Ward Consolidated theaters, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel (and no it’s not a fast approaching train). Harry is back!

The thing I was most impressed with in HP6 was how well the story was translated to film. I’m sure you’ve been a victim of this… you read an amazing book, you go to see the motion picture, you leave disappointed (i.e. Da Vinci Code and Twilight). David Yates did a great job in selecting crucial moments in the book and building the scenes from the book in real life. To me the movie was exactly what I envisioned in my head when I read the book. The one fatal flaw, as always, is you can never fit all 704 pages of a book into 2 1/2 hours. In this movie, you don’t really get to see the story of the Half Blood Prince, nor do you get to see all of the memories of Lord Voldemort, but we all knew they were going to have to leave things out. Was the story of the Half Blood Prince that important in the grand scheme of things? Not really.  If you want to know all the nitty gritty details, read the book, but if you don’t and you just watch the movies, you’ll still get all the main points.

HP6 breathed life back into the Harry Potter Film series… its not the studio or director’s fault that the movies hit an emo point, its just how it was written by JK Rowling. Life can’t be happy and magical all the time, you know.


In the previous movie, everything sucked for Harry… Dumbledore distanced himself from Harry, an annoying lady took over Hogwarts, Harry struggles to find good in himself, and in the last big battle of the movie, Harry loses his God Uncle, Sirius Black, who was the one person Harry looked to as family. How could any of that make you feel good? Director David Yates and his team (with a little help from JK Rowling) brought everything we loved about Harry Potter back in Half Blood Prince. Everything seems to go back to normal…Dumbledore is back in command and once again Hogwarts is the one safe haven for Harry and his friends. YES! JUSTICE! But wait it gets better. Throw in the first awkward puppy love moments, a serum that makes you totally lucky, and memories showing the origins of the evil wizard known as Voldemort and you get the perfect come back. Oh and did I mention they brought back Quidditch, the awesome wizard version of soccer/football?

The story is not all warm and fuzzy… there is death and there are tears, but you’ll understand that the loss suffered in this movie gives Harry a purpose in the next two movies. Harry is no longer this helpless kid that cheats death with the help of Dumbledore. Harry is now the “Chosen One” forced to take on the mission of bringing down, Lord Voldemort and saving the rest of the wizarding world. You almost want Harry to end the movie by saying, “Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing” with Ron and Hermione at his side as the screen fades to black… with the Optimus Prime voice of course.

To keep this short, Half Blood Prince brought hope back to the film franchise and will leave you anxious for the last installment, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So forget your principals and all your anger at Warner Brothers for pushing it back… get to the theater. You won’t regret it.


How Being A Movie Rep Made Me A Geek

Almost every week, I find myself at the movies watching literally, anything. Not because I have nothing to do, but because it’s my “job” as a screening representative for Honolulu’s market. I don’t think you could define this as a “job” really. I like to think of it as a hobby.

I happened to stumble into this side job around 5 years ago when I was a senior in high school. One of the local newspapers had partnerships with the publicity agencies (local and in LA) that handled the publicity for movies in Honolulu’s market. Oddly enough, this newspaper had no one on staff that wanted to go to EVERY movie to put up a banner. I mean because its so difficult to go to the movies right? Enter… me 🙂 This golden opportunity essentially set my role as “the movie girl” for Honolulu. I left the newspaper for a job as a promotions assistant at a local radio station, I was again given the responsibility of Advanced Movie screenings, just because I had already worked the circuit. My duties included working with the studio, submitting proposals, making sure we had legit sponsors, and writing trivia questions for the screenings (yes someone actually writes those questions for the DJs). By this time, it was difficult to not enjoy the films I helped promote. It was my favorite part of being a promotions assistant because I don’t really like night clubs or concerts… I’ve met my fair share of annoying people at club promotions. At the movies, everyone (typically… unless theres’ a crying baby) is quiet… no conversation, no screaming. Bliss. After a year with the radio station, I decided to part ways and focus on school, when a very interesting call came in. I got picked up by the local Movie Marketing/PR agency to run advance screenings for a handful of studios. How could I say no?

Initially, it was just exciting to have money in my pocket, but as time went on I saw a lot of movies. I’ve screened Epics like LOTR: Return of the King Dramas like Hotel Rwanda, blockbusters like Spiderman, retarded comedies like Superbad (5 times in a row mind you), and of course the absolutely obscure movies like Margot at the Wedding. To be honest, in the early days of this experience, I had no appreciation for cinema. Movies were just movies. I’d see a something I knew absolutely nothing about and almost every time my reaction was, “that was pretty good”. That was before I met The Dark Knight viral marketing campaign while writing my college thesis. The topic of my thesis was centered around movie marketing because of my Movie Rep position. I figured doing research would be easy with the access to screenings and crowds, but then I visited and my interest in the next Batman movie peaked. The marketing campaign put on by Warner Bros & 42 Entertainment blurred the lines between fiction and reality by creating a Joker presence on the web that selected a group of fans and gave them tasks to complete in real life. These tasks included taking photos of themselves with Joker face paint and picking up cakes from bakeries with active cellphones in them that the Joker himself would call. For uber geeks of the Batman franchise, this wasn’t marketing it was a game and they played. This was where it began for me because only the mega hardcore fans followed the whole campaign. It started at Comic Con 2007 (where all true fans go for info and goodies) and ran all the way to the movie’s release date, but you didn’t see Entertainment Tonight talking about it, did you? I fell in to this group of hardcore followers that are so passionate about film and the characters brought to life in the cinema that I couldn’t help but get in on the conversation. I’ve fed off of the passion from extreme fans and listened to the critics (I prefer bloggers who have made themselves critics) to care about the movies being released and stalk the ones I’m dying to see. I look out for the latest trailers and turn to fellow bloggers for their reaction to movies. I crave Entertainment Weekly, which I don’t subscribe to and have to wait for my BF to finish reading before I can get my hands on it. I can’t stand waiting for a limited releases to get to Honolulu (waiting to see Benicio Del Toro as Che had me all antsy). The movie industry has become an addiction, which is hilarious because it was fueled by a random job I happened to stumble into 5 years ago. I guess its true… you have to love what you do.

In case there was still a question of my geekiness, you can check my updates in July 2009, which will be coming from my pilgrimage to San Diego Comic Con. WOOOOOHOOO!!!!

Until next time *Makes Vulcan Hand Sign* “Live Long & Prosper”


Teasing The Teaser?

Twilight: New Moon Poster

I get it, teasers are meant to do exactly what it’s called…. tease. I hate it! I cant stand the anticipation, I always want more and ugh… its just so frustrating. Today Summit Entertainment took it to another level… They teased the teaser trailer. WTF?! Seriously, that’s just plain mean. The teaser trailer for the upcoming second installment of Twilight: New Moon hit the web today… I found out from Billy V on twitter (@hawnbroadcast) who found out from… ok yeah hold your breath… Ryan Secreast (insert gag right here). The concept is, Summit released 15 sec of the first teaser trailer for New Moon trying to hype the release of the full length teaser trailer on Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards.

At this point I have to ask, what’s next? Seriously… you’re teasing a teaser?!!! Teaser trailers are supposed to be the initial tease, hence TEASER! I mean at this point, they should’ve just released a vague teaser that was like Star Trek’s… 1 min 14 sec of guys building the Starship Enterprise.

That was enough to get all those Trekkies panties in a twist because it has an established and solid fan base already. They only needed to see the Starship Enterprise & they got excited! For New Moon they could’ve done the same… a 1 min trailer with vague references from the Twilight: New Moon book. This would feed the need!! The target for this movie is obviously the fans of the Twilight books and the people who loved the first Twilight movie.

To some this teasing the teaser sounds like a stroke of genius…a way to gain interest and feed the need and I have to agree that for a fan base that’s this rabid, it is effective. Twihards are not just excited about the books and movies… they are straight up OBSESSED like Ali Larter was with Beyonce’s man. Scary obsession. If the fans of these books settled for the first Twilight movie, saying it was the best thing since ice cream of course this 15 second tease has them running to their DVRs to make sure they don’t miss a second of the trailer. What I’m saying is, as a fan of the books, the Twilight movie didn’t do Stephanie Meyer’s first book justice. If Twi-hards were like Fanboys, they would’ve flamed the internet saying “we demand a reboot!”. Critical points in the book were not even conveyed in the movie. Moments that defined Bella & Edward’s relationship… (specifically the meadow scene) and yet the fans settled for it, believing it was good enough. The Twi-hard fans are very loyal fans that seem to maintain this unconditional love for Twilight. That’s why I believe this little 15 sec gimmick will boost MTV’s ratings come Sunday. Will you be watching? *sigh* I think I may… if I can get myself to forgive them for this stupid tease. If not, it’ll hit the web soon enough 😉

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