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[Movie Journal Entries] Super 8 & Judy Moody

In an effort to keep up with my movie journal, I’m going to be posting images of entries from time to time. These aren’t going to be Earth shattering or anything, but it’s mainly a way for me to keep logging entries and to keep track of just how many movies I see during the year.

One thing I wish the journal did better was leave more room for more personal commentary on the film. As it is right now, a lot of space is dedicated to technical aspects of the film (director, actors, alternate titling, awards, etc). Some of the space I try to add related relevant information, but other times a lot of it gets left blank (quote & award sections mainly if it’s a newer film). What may interest you though is that there is room for me to scribble down a few thoughts/reactions about the film as well as give it a star rating. Take a look:

Super 8

Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer

Also, for more information about these films with a local perspective, here are few links to local reviews of these films (ok just Super 8 as no one reviewed Judy Moody).

CoconutWireless‘s review over at his blog The Tiki Outpost

Myong Choi’s review from Nonstop Honolulu

Jen & Ryan‘s review over at

TrueBldTwilight‘s review over at her blog I Adore Books and Film


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