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So I was going through my backlogged RSS feeds this past weekend and came across a post over at the Movie Marketing Madness blog that provided some interesting links. These sites solve two common problems that movie goers face today:

  1. Should I stay till after the end credits to see if there’s extra footage? AND
  2. When should I go to the bathroom during the movie?


Whether you can’t wait to see them or just don’t have the patience, those seemingly random scenes shown during and at the very end of the movie credits are called “stingers.” Yes, there have been good ones like with Iron Man last year, but there have also been bad ones, most recently for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. With it being summer and every movie being a potential candidate to have a stinger what is the average movie goer to do?

Enter The main purpose of this site is to let you know whether or not a movie has a scene at the end or not, and whether it’s worth your while to stay or not. Not only does it say if the movie has a stinger or not, but it also details what that scene is and gives you the option to rate it. It also makes the distinction between clips that are played while the credits are rolling or if the scene comes at the end.

I have to say that this site is a pretty useful resource to have. All you really have to do is log on before you go to the movies to see if you need to stay till the end or not. Although, I’m not one for spoilers so I personally wouldn’t read what the details of the stinger are. I’ll have to save judgement till I actually watch it, but at least now I’ll know which movies I should wait to the end of.


Going to the restroom during the movies is one of the most frustrating things you can encounter as a moviegoer–especially if you’re seeing a movie for the first time or it’s a movie you’re really into. That’s where the folks at RunPee come in.

They give you options as when the best times to “go” are. There are a few basic guidelines on how these scenes and times do come about. The first thing to know is that they don’t give pee times for the first thirty minutes of the movie. The main criterion though for a scene to be RunPee worthy is that it needs to be a scene that does not advance the plot too much. Now these could be boring scenes, but they could also be action scenes or love scenes as well, it all depends. Luckily though the site not only tells you what scene to go, but also at what minute mark the scene occurs and for those not worried about spoilers, the description of the scene itself.

While I think the site is fairly new as they don’t seem to have a lot of movies listed, I love the effort being put forth as well as the ease of use of finding a RunPee time. I decided to test the site with two recent movies that I saw (Star Trek and The Taking of Pelham 123) and I have to say that scenes from each movie I picked out made the cut. I also did some digging and found the blog for the site which gives more detail about, hopes and plans for future development, and how they do their work. Another notable site to check out before heading out to the movies.


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