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HIFF 2011: Michael Giacchino Q&A

It took us almost a week to fully recover from this year’s HIFF. Though the festival’s over, we’re finally able to look back and blog about a few more things that we saw and did at this year’s fest. We thank you for coming back and checking in with us as we close out our coverage of HIFF 31.

While you may not have heard of Michael Giacchino, I can definitely bet that you’ve seen some of the films he’s worked on: Mission Impossible III, The Incredibles, Star Trek, and UP (which he won an Academy Award for). Though he might not be as well known as fellow composer John Williams when it comes to film scores (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman, Harry Potter), Giacchino is definitely on his way to becoming a household name.

As part of the Hawaii International Film Festival’s Sound x Vision section, Giacchino was invited to the festival to ‘talk shop’ at two different panels–both discussing music as it relates to cinema. For the panel that is being covered in this post, Giacchino was on hand after a screening of one of the most recent films that he’s worked on, this summer’s Super 8 directed by JJ Abrams.

Though the video quality might not be the best, from the four videos that we shot you can definitely get a feel for the kind of person Giacchino is as well as his personality. He’s definitely very passionate about his work and seemed very down to Earth both during and outside of the Q&A. He even stayed well after the Super 8 Q&A was over to sign autographs and take pictures with each and every fan.

If you’re interested by his work, I hope you take the time to watch each video. Each of the videos is less than seven minutes long and I’ve also provided a rough breakdown of what is discussed in each one.

Part I
How Giacchino got into making movies . . .
How he got into music and transitioned from making movies to making music . . .
On his experience at the performing arts school Juilliard in New York City . . .

Part II
How he developed his orchestral background . . .
On his early days as a composer . . .
On meeting Steven Spielberg for the first time . . .

Part III (continuation of Part II)
On what he took away with from working with JJ Abrams & Brad Bird . . .
On working on Pixar’s UP . . .

Part IV
On composing for Super 8 . . .


The Kids Grow Up Q&A

I know it’s been a while, but early last month we partnered with Consolidated Theatres in helping to promote the documentary film The Kids Grow Up. What was really special about this partnership though was that we were going to be in charge of the Q&A after the film with director Doug Block and his wife Marjorie.

Even though this wasn’t some big Hollywood release, just the fact that we would be on hand to coordinate the Q&A with the director of the film was a little exciting. Here we were some people talking about movies and now here we are conducting Q&As with directors. Needless to say I wanted to make sure we were fully ready to take on this responsibility. The week leading up the screening we made sure that we watched the film to make sure we knew what it was about and to come up with possible questions in the event that we would need to keep things moving during the Q&A. Being the event people that we are, we even typed out short scripts on what we were going to say before and after the film.

Finally the big day arrived and we showed up to the theater super early to make sure we could check in with the theater staff and make sure everything was set. Then as the screening got closer, I’m not going to lie, I started getting a little nervous about meeting Doug and Marjorie. What would they be like? Would they like us? Were they going to be high maintenance? When they arrived and we introduced ourselves to them, any fears I had were quickly put to rest. They were exactly as how they appeared in the film: down to Earth, funny, and genuine.

We went over everything with Doug and after checking out the specific theater that the film was being shown in, we went over the general rundown of the evening. Doug was very personable and gracious and volunteered to introduce his film before it started, something we had originally planned to do ourselves but decided to defer to Doug since it was his film. I mean, who better to introduce it than the director himself right? After introducing Doug and presenting him and Marjorie with leis, he launched right into his intro. (For my thoughts on the film, please check out my previous post here.)

Once the film concluded (to a round of applause from the audience) it was my turn to speak and once again introduce Doug and Marjorie. I had planned to say a little more, but the crowd was eager to get into the questions so we just launched right into it. Overall, the director screening and Q&A went really well. Doug and Marjorie stood up front taking questions close to half an hour. The audience was really into the film as most of those in attendance were parents themselves so they could definitely relate to what Doug and Marjorie went through. Hence, a lot of the questions were very meaningful. To check out the full Q&A, be sure to check out the videos below. Once everything was done and as everyone filed out of the theater, Doug and Marjorie thanked us for helping to coordinate the whole evening and said that out of all the Q&As that they had done for the film, nowhere else had they been more decorated than here in Hawaii. That definitely was my highlight for the evening.

Final Note:

If you’re interested in finding out more about these special screenings or Q&As, I definitely encourage you to sign up to be on Consolidated’s email list. That’s probably the best way find out when these things happen. However, the next special screening is happening Friday, January 7 (TONIGHT) at the Ward Theaters. They will be showing ‘Dear Doctor’ as part of their Spotlight Asia Asian cinema series. Lead actor Tsurube Shofukutei (who I hear is the Robin Williams of Japan) will be on hand to give a special Q&A after the 7:30pm showing of the film. If you love Asian cinema, then this is definitely for you.


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