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Photos: Sony Open Takes Over Ward

If you tried to see a movie last night at the Ward Theatres you may have may have experienced a slightly uncommon occurrence with half of the multiplex sectioned off for a private function. With the Sony Open in town this week, part of the festivities include a special “Hollywood” type of event at Ward where the Pro-Am golf teams are selected. Attendees are then treated to an advance screening of a Columbia Pictures (a Sony Pictures Entertainment company–and sponsor of the Sony Open) film, which this year happens to be The Green Hornet. In the past attendees have included some celebrities (I’ve heard Adam Sandler is a frequent participant) as well as the golfers themselves. Check out the photos below to see the Sony Open Takeover of Ward Theaters:

As with any Hollywood type event, you've gotta have the red carpet. The event blocked off the lane fronting Ward Entertainment Center so that limos and VIPs could get dropped off right in front of the complex and walk the red carpet all the way into the theaters.

If you were a regular moviegoer that night, this is the curtain partition that literally halved the theater.

This was the view on the other side of the curtain with Sony pulling out all the stops to transform the lobby into a Hollywood type event with vendors bringing in food, lighting, decor, and more.

An overhead view of the lobby.

One of the coolest things was that all the movie posters were changed out to the same movie poster for The Green Hornet. If you're going to buyout half a theater, why not go all the way right?

The big screens on that side of the theater were used to host the "Draw Party" and to screen The Green Hornet. In 3D of course.

Then there was this guy parked on the mid-level on the red carpet. Not sure if this is true, but supposedly this is the motorcycle that is ridden in the film. We'll just have to see.

Oh what it must be like to have enough money to buyout half of Ward theaters . . .

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