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Honolulu TRON Legacy Preview

Following in the footsteps Avatar and Toy Story 3, TRON Legacy got the preview night treatment in an effort to showcase the awe-inspiring effects of the film, give those unfamiliar with the story a peek into the plot, and hopefully build strong word of mouth a month and a half before the film comes out. Last night Disney screened about 23 minutes of footage of the upcoming compufest in select 3D IMAX theaters across the country, Honolulu being lucky enough to garner a screening. Not being a major market, the turnout in honolulu did not reach epic proportions as other preview night screenings did. However, fans seem to echo the same general sentiment from those across the country . . . TRON Legacy looks pretty good.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the scenes that stood out to me . . .

Sam’s Apartment ::

In the first scene of the preview Sam is seen coming home to his apartment. The main bulk of this scene sets up the current background of the characters . . . Sam is all grown up and reckless and comes home to meet Alan, his dad’s former business partner who wants Sam to take responsibility as well as the helm of his father’s business. However, what I liked about the scene was what Sam’s apartment was made out of–shipping containers. There were a bunch of them stacked on top of each other and hollowed out to create his apartment.


Into the Grid ::

Upon discovering a hidden workroom at his father’s arcade, Sam finds himself being sucked into The Grid. Upon arrival his is captured and put together with other rogue or delinquent programs. This clip introduces us to the world of the grid and some of the many protocols and procedures programs must follow in order to survive.


Getting Formatted ::

Of course not being of the Grid, Sam is formatted so that he can be apart of this new environment. Since Sam has already entered the Grid, he has already been digitized, but now he becomes fully integrated when he receives new clothing as well as his own disc.


Disc Wars ::

All of a sudden Sam is dumped into an arena where his is pitted against someone else and must battle each other to the death by using their discs as weapons. The enclosed space they battle in allows the combatants to ricochet their discs off the walls and holds other pitfalls as well so you definitely need to be on your toes. It was during this sequence that I was officially sucked into the preview. I began rooting for Sam and was thinking of strategies that he could use to win the game.


The Breakout ::

The next sequence finds Sam in a land speeder with Quorra being chased by orange (bad) light cycles. After some wonderfully awesome chase visuals the duo eventually break out the gladiatorial arena and speed off into the barren land that is “off the Grid.” Here is a continuation of the sequence:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Father & Son Meet ::

In the final scene of the preview we find out that Quorra is Flynn’s apprentice and arranges the reunion between father and son. It is definitely an emotional moment for both of them, but it seems cut a little too short as Flynn breaks away and longingly looks back to the city. It was during this scene that a bunch of questions began popping up . . . what happened to Flynn? How did he come to be back in the Grid? Will Sam be angry with his father? How can they escape The Grid get back out to the real world?

The preview ended with a montage of scenes from the rest of the movie and definitely sets up a tease of what else is to come.

In the end, I’m going to say that for our small preview screening here in Honolulu, the goal of the preview was definitely met. Almost everyone around me was impressed with the visuals and definitely wanted more. For me, the biggest thing that I took away from the TRON Preview Night was that I bought into the film. I wanted to know what the backstory was so that I could understand some of the history these characters have as well as some of the structure of The Grid. I was also taken in by the action of the games. Obviously the light cycle battles are a hallmark of the original TRON so showing the disc duel definitely was an interesting (and bold) move since people wouldn’t know that as well as the lightcycles. However, this sequence was no less action packed or spectacular in it’s own right. Finally, I wanted more of the story, especially when father and son reunite.

What happens next? We’ll just have to wait till TRON Legacy is released in theaters on December 17.


Honolulu to Get 20 Minute TRON Preview

Following in the footsteps of last year’s megablockbuster Avatar, Disney’s TRON Legacy will be holding nationwide previews in select cities and theaters across the country on Thursday, October 28. The Red Band Project is letting Oahu moviegoers know that this preview is free and tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis starting 10:00 a.m./PDT on the first “TRON Tuesday,” October 12, 2010. Information for ticketing can be found on

Get your tickets tomorrow!

Here is the official press release:



Walt Disney Pictures’ “TRON: Legacy” Opens in US Theaters December17, 2010

BURBANK, Calif. (October 10, 2010) —Walt Disney Studios announced today, October 10, 2010 (“10-10-10”), the kickoff of the official 10-week countdown to the release of “TRON: Legacy,” which opens in theaters December 17, 2010. Every week for the next 10 weeks marks a major milestone in the countdown as The Walt Disney Company rolls out exciting new TRON events, film content, products and announcements in preparation for the worldwide film launch, including:

  • TRON Night: An IMAX 3D Experience, a special event on October 28, 2010, that will give audiences worldwide the first opportunity to step onto the Grid and into the cutting-edge, 3D world of Walt Disney Pictures’ high-tech adventure “TRON: Legacy,” during an exciting 20-plus-minute sneak peek of the highly anticipated film, sponsored by Asus Computer International.

Select IMAX 3D theaters nationwide and 3D & IMAX 3D theaters internationally will offer a special screening of thrilling, never-before-seen 3D footage. “It’s exciting to offer fans an early, exclusive 3D preview of ‘TRON: Legacy’ in the ultimate of formats. We can’t wait for audiences around the world to experience the visually stunning and cutting-edge world that director Joe Kosinski has created,” said Sean Bailey, President of Production, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment, is equally enthusiastic. “We are ecstatic that the Disney team and the ‘TRON: Legacy’ filmmakers elected to debut this amazing footage exclusively in our network of theaters,” said Foster. “This first-look in IMAX 3D is the most immersive way to bring audiences into the world of ‘TRON: Legacy’ and kick-off the countdown to the film’s highly-anticipated launch.”

Tickets to the October 28th TRON Night events are free and will be distributed for US and Canadian screenings on a first-come, first-serve basis starting 10:00 a.m./PDT on the first “TRON Tuesday,” October 12, 2010.  Information for U.S. and Canadian ticketing can be found on

  • Beginning today, fans have the opportunity to purchase tickets to select IMAX 3D midnight screenings of “TRON: Legacy.” Tickets may be purchased at all participating IMAX locations and online at
  • “TRON Tuesdays”— every Tuesday for the next 10 weeks, exclusive new video and film content, including behind-the-scenes exclusives, trailers and artwork, will be released around the world online and through select broadcast outlets. To get the latest on “TRON Tuesdays” and more, visit and
  • “10-10-10” also marks the launch of’s TRON: Get on the Grid Sweepstakes, featuring hundreds of prizes including a Grand Prize Trip for four to experience ElecTRONica, the new street celebration at Disney California Adventure™ Park. Details and official entry rules are available at


  • Walt Disney Records will release the “TRON: Legacy” official motion picture Soundtrack, scored by the French electronic music duo Daft Punk, on December 7th.
  • In addition to new merchandise arriving to stores this month, Disney Consumer Products will debut exciting, new “TRON: Legacy” products and promotions, including a special line for women, a one-of-a-kind immersive retail destination for products and a unique gadget line for music and gaming fans.
  • On December 7th, Disney Interactive Studios will launch the next-gen video game “TRON: Evolution” for all major home video game consoles, Windows PC and handheld platforms.
  • Disney Parks is celebrating “TRON: Legacy” with ElecTRONica, a nighttime street event at Disney California Adventure™ Park, featuring a dynamic visual- and  music-based experience, a re-creation of Flynn’s Arcade and an opportunity to see a special 3D preview of “TRON: Legacy.” ElecTRONica runs from now until April 2011 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and nightly through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday periods.

Information on all TRON activities can be found at

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